Tiantai Yuanda Traffic Device Co., Ltd.

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As a prominent manufacturer of traffic safety products, Yuanda boasts an industry leading production facility where we produce a wide range of products including rubber speed humps, corner protectors, parking stops, road cones, water filled barriers, safety mirrors, anti-glare screen systems, traffic channelizers, road studs, guardrail delineators, solar LED strobe lights, etc.

This manufacturing facility covers up to 37000 square meters, staffed by more than 500 people, ensuring an annual value of production of 500 million RMB.

We have set up a foreign trade department where employees mastered at least English in both written and spoken abilities.

Raw Materials Warehouse
Blow Molding Workshop
Blow Molding Workshop

Solar Traffic Control Products Workshop
Our solar powered traffic safety products will not be put into mass production until they can go through a series of tests in service life, weather resistance, etc. Before delivery, each product has to be used normally.

Convex Mirror Production
  • Lenses Production
  • Back production
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

All products have to go through the rigorous test before delivery, so as to suit sea transportation needs.