Plastic Corner Guard

Material: PE
Reflector: Engineering grade reflective tape
Size: 800*90*5mm (L×W×T)

The plastic corner guard or plastic corner protector from Yuanda is made of high flexibility polyethylene, combining the toughness, moderate hardness, high wear resistance and flexibility of the material. It is an ideal damage prevention solution to vehicles and surrounding facilities in parking lots and garages, workshops, loading and unloading bays, etc.

The PE corner guard comes with high intensity reflective tapes which provide high-visibility guidance to drivers at night or in low-light conditions, thus improving safety.

1. Integrally made of flexible PE;
2. Glowing colors make your parking facilities more beautiful;
3. High intensity reflective tapes increase visibility, especially at night;
4. Easy to install;
5. Durable, cost efficient

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