EVA Corner Guard

We at Yuanda offer a nice selection of EVA square corner guard and EVA rounded corner guard to ensure outstanding prevention of costly damage to vehicles and walls in your parking facilities.

    1. EVA Square Corner Guard Yuanda's EVA square corner guards available in 600mm and 800mm lengths are excellent for factories, warehouses and car parks. They protect corners of pillars, columns and walls from being chipped and broken. These right-angled EVA corner protectors in contrasting black and yellow provide high visibility and protection to wall and column corners.

1. Made from high-flexibility EVA that absorbs impacts;
2. Long lasting and cost-efficient;
3. Black and yellow sections strengthen daytime visibility and high intensity reflective tape increases visibility at night and in low-light conditions;
4. Simple installation by 1 person;
5. Maintenance free;

Positions: Columns, walls in garage and parking lots;
Fixing accessories: Expansion bolts