Road Stud

Since their introduction, road studs, also known as pavement markers have provided drivers with effective lane delineation, especially during night driving hours and in adverse weather conditions. Yuanda manufactures and supplies a superb range of road studs to international standards. They are available in different sizes and materials (plastic, aluminum, glass) to suit your specific needs.

    1. Tactile PavingThe tactile paving is required at each crossing point to warn the blind and visually impaired people of a hazard.
    1. Plastic Road StudManufactured from modified engineering plastics with addition of glass fiber, Yuanda’s plastic road studs can resist the extremely large impact force from car wheels.
    1. Aluminum Road StudThe aluminum road stud is manufactured from high quality aluminum and prism shaped reflectors that are made using Japanese technology. It is mainly used on the road markings of highway and expressway, drawing drivers’ awareness during the hours of darkness and in bad weather conditions so as to reduce the chance of accidents.
    1. Solar Road StudPowered by clean and inexhaustible solar energy, the solar road studs are a proven cost effective road safety solution. They will automatically illuminate when night falls or with the onset of adverse weather.
    1. Glass Road StudYuanda glass road studs are made of hardened safety glass, providing a promise of ultra high pressure bearing capacity. They are a durable cost effective stud that improves road safety for the road users. The raised pavement marker offer 360-degree vision, effectively drawing the drivers’ attentions at night.