Aluminum Road Stud

Name: road stud, reflective road stud, reflective pavement marker
Materials: Aluminum shell + Fillers + Acrylic reflectors
Shell color options: Yellow, white

The aluminum road stud is manufactured from high quality aluminum and prism shaped reflectors that are made using Japanese technology. It is mainly used on the road markings of highway and expressway, drawing drivers’ awareness during the hours of darkness and in bad weather conditions so as to reduce the chance of accidents. Call us to know more about the road safety products.

Name: Aluminium Road Studs
Type Material Size Weight
Single side Aluminium 10*10*2cm 0.29kg
Double side Aluminium 10*10*2cm 0.29kg
single side with cat-eyes Aluminium 10*10*2cm 0.28kg
double side with cat-eyes Aluminium 10*10*2cm 0.28kg
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