Plastic Road Stud

Name: Road stud, reflective road stud, reflective pavement marker
Materials: ABS stud + Acrylic reflective material
Stud color: Yellow, white

Plastic Road Studs
Type Material Size Weight
Single side Plastic 10*10*2cm 0.11kg
Double side Plastic 10*10*2cm 0.11kg
'Cat eye"-single side Plastic 10*10*2cm 0.12kg
'Cat eye"-double side Plastic 10*10*2cm 0.12kg

1. Manufactured from modified engineering plastics with addition of glass fiber, Yuanda’s plastic road studs can resist the extremely large impact force from car wheels.
2. They are available with hand grips at two sides for easy handling during installation without leaving stains on reflectors.
3. Unique bottom design ensures firm and stable connection to ground using adhesives.
4. The traffic safety products are highly resistant to heat and cold, water, oil, chemicals, acidic and alkaline materials and wear.
5. Microprism type reflectors feature excellent performance and provide full reflection capability.

Our plastic road studs can be fixed on the road to mark the center line, lane lines, edge lines, road bends, delineation markings, narrow lanes, etc. They can be individually used on the driveway of parking lots or underground garages, as well as used with marking lines.

Painting well proportioned adhesives (Epoxy resin: curing agent =3:1) on cleaned pavement. Then put the road stud on the adhesive and press using your feet.

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