Plastic Wheel Stop

Material: Top of the line plastic
Size: 500MM*130MM*100MM (L×W×H)
Weight: 1.5kg
Load capacity: more than 30t or 300KN
Color options: Black, red, yellow
Temperature resistance: -40~~+120℃
Packaging: 6pcs/bag (woven bag)
Fixing bolts: Expansion bolts (Dia.: 10mm)

Features of Yuanda Plastic Wheel Stops
1. Two wheel stops should be interlocked to serve one parking space.
2. The plastic parking block comes with superior compressive strength and anti-collision effect.
3. Unique reflective tapes available in different colors ensure notable nighttime visibility.
4. Fixed to the ground using expansion bolts or steel nails, it will not slide as stroke by vehicles. It is easy to install.
5. While providing guaranteed parking safety, the parking stop can also beautify the parking environment.
6. As compared to rubber alternatives, it boasts higher cost performance.

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