Rubber Wheel Stop

Here you will find a quality range of rubber wheel stops which come in a number of specifications for your every parking lot application.

    1. 2 Holes Rubber Wheel Stop, YD-WL-3 The YD-WL-3 rubber wheel stop from Yuanda comes with two fixing holes for easy and firm bolt mooring. It is an ideal choice for car parks, parking buildings, industrial facilities, etc. Browse through our website or contact us directly to know more details about this rubber parking stop. Other parking solutions are also available.
    1. 3 Holes Hollow Rubber Wheel Stop The hollow rubber wheel stop is manufactured from synthetic rubber with addition of yellow and red reflective tape for perfect visibility in dark area. It is recommended for use in parking lots, car garages and other places.
    1. 3 Holes Rubber Wheel Stop with STOP Word As a prominent parking stop supplier, Yunda offer a YD-WL-5 series rubber wheel stop which comes in two sizes to suit your needs. The rubber parking block is made of synthetic rubber for high flexibility and durability. Yellow and red reflective tapes give an ideal visibility in both ground and underground garages.
    1. 2 Holes Rubber Wheel Stop, YD-WL-10 Shown is our high strength, reliable, economical wheel stop solution. The YD-WL-10 rubber wheel stop is made of synthetic rubber for high flexibility and durability. Yellow and red reflective tapes are added to give an ideal visibility in both ground and underground garages.
    1. 4 Holes Rubber Wheel Stop Need a rubber wheel stop with four fixing holes for more stable anchoring? Now you have the choice. Our YD-WL-11 wheel stop comes with 4 fixing holes to suit your needs. As with the black and yellow style, the parking lot accessories are extremely durable and easy to install.
    1. 1.65M Rubber Wheel Stop Wear resistant and high-visibility yellow reflective tapes are provided to make the rubber parking curb more easy-catching.
      Three holes assure firm fixing, making sure the wheel stop will not slide.
    1. 1.85M Rubber Wheel Stop The YD-WL-6 rubber wheel stop boasts high-visibility yellow reflective tapes which make the parking lot safety product more easy-catching. Made of high quality and strength rubber, it delivers notable compressive property and flexibility.
    1. Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chock The rubber wheel chock is commonly found in the parking lots where the surface is not flat with a certain slope, so as to prevent heavy duty vehicles against unexpected movement. In addition, it can also be used as a kerb ramp alternative with ideal portability.
    1. Rubber and Plastic Compound Wheel Stop The wheel stop is engineered from high strength natural rubber and plastic through high pressure vulcanizing process. It integrates the toughness of rubber and compressive strength of plastic, thus providing superior vehicle parking solutions over its competitors.

Characteristics of Rubber Wheel Stops
1. The rubber parking curbs combine the toughness of rubber and compressive strength of plastic. They can serve for more than 3 years.
2. Manufactured from high strength rubber, the parking lot safety products feature excellent resistance to pressure, great durability and strong impact strength. Considerable flexibility ensures reduction of wear to car wheels.
3. Unique trapezoid design enables an effective reduction of impact from vehicles. Contact surface with wheel is about 55°, making them more sturdy, robust and durable in their peers.
4. Black and yellow sections with reflective tapes meet international standards.
5. Our rubber wheel stops are quite easy to install. A number of holes are designed for quick expansion bolt mooring.

Tools Needed for Installation
1. One percussion drill hammer
2. 14mm drill bit
3. 12mm*(110-120) mm expansion bolts
4. Hammer
5. 14-17-19 box wrench