Speed Bump

To slow motor-vehicle traffic with a speed bump or speed hump is one of the most effective approaches to improve the safety conditions of a parking lot, driveway or private lane. The traffic calming device can communicate to drivers to keep their speed to a minimum and thereby ensure the maximum safety. At Yuanda, we supply road safety accessories to various industries and events across the world. We boast a wide range of premium quality and affordably cheap speed bumps manufactured in different sizes and materials for sale.

    1. Plastic Speed BumpOur Plastic Speed humps are made from recycled high strength polyurethane. They are maintenance-free, never need painting and are available with and without Cable Protection. To know more about our traffic safety supplies, please call us and our sales representatives are glad to help.
    1. Other Parking Lot Safety ProductsIn addition to rubber and plastic speed bumps with or without cable protection, we also offer a wide range of other types of parking lot safety products such as rubber kerb ramp, parking curbs, etc.