Cable Protector Speed Bump

At Yuanda, we offer 5 selections of cable protector speed bumps which come in one, two, three, four and five channels for cable protection.

    1. 3-Channel Cable Protector Speed Bump This cable protection system is composed of a PVC cover and a 3-channel cable protector. It is aesthetically pleasing combined with high compressive strength and excellent durability. The speed bump and cable protector is widely used in large stadiums, temporary exhibition halls, arenas and other areas for traffic speed control while protecting the cable from damage.
    1. 4-Channel Cable Protector Speed Bump The rubber cable ramp can not only effectively slow vehicle traffic to protect the people, but it contains four channels for running cables so as to protect them from damage. It is an ideal cable protector speed hump for engineering departments, exhibition companies, power companies, property management companies, parking lots, etc.

Manufactured from high strength rubber composites, our cable speed bumps feature extraordinary durability, high compressive strength, low wear to car, no noise, superb shock absorption and others, ideal for use under wide temperature from -32℃ to +65℃.

Standard yellow and black sections assure high visibility in the day or at night, making sure that the drivers can be easily warned to slow the driving speed to a safety level.

The cable ramp is fixed to the road using anchor bolts, ensuring reliable fastness.

Yuanda cable protector speed bumps add safety in parking lots and high traffic areas while also acting as a cable protector. These high-visibility speed bump and cable cover is designed to handle heavy loads while protecting air and water lines, and electric cables from damage.