Inspection Mirror

Name: Inspection Mirror/Search Mirror
Diameter: 30CM
Weight: 1.6KG
Color: Black
Mirror Surface Material: PC
Mirror Backing Material: ABS
Applications: Ideally suited for car safety inspection, fault detection, personal use, hotels and other places where safety check is required.

Under-Vehicle Inspection Mirror
Product Detail
This under vehicle search mirror is the latest technical achievement. It is designed with a silvery-white aluminum alloy pole that features light weight and high mechanical strength. The product is ideal for hard reach areas, enabling the police or other authorities to access safe and appropriate services. It is mainly used to check the entire under-body structure, thus ensuring the under-body is not illegally changed or hiding any suspicious object and person. The other typical applications are found in tables, chairs, beds, filing cabinets, high-level work platforms, pipelines, vertical wells, camera obscura, deep forests and other hard reach areas where safety check is required.

The mirror is made from PC material to offer breakage protection. The tray is formed by special material, thus making it durable and impervious to aging. Additionally, we have designed this product with a removable flashlight. The inspection mirror with light varies in length from 80cm to 137cm. The unique folding design enables this product to be movable and space-saving.

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