380 Rubber Speed Bump

Material: Recycled top quality rubber
Size: 380*1000*50MM (W*L*H)
Weight: 16.5KGS
Color: Black and yellow
Grain: Wave
Fixing accessories: Expansion screws (size: 12*45MM) or steel nails (size: 12*120MM) for fixing on concrete road and thread steel nails (size: 12*170MM) or common steel nails (size: 12*120MM) for asphalt road.

The recycled rubber speed bump is used to caution drivers to reduce speed so as to avoid accidents in the low speed limit areas such as car parks, residential areas, office complexes and industrial areas. Fitted with reflectors, the traffic calming device presents perfect nighttime visibility.

Note: Fixing accessories including expansion screws, thread steel nails, common steel nails are not included in the package. Customers can buy them from Yuanda by paying 1 RMB for one or buy them in local hardware stores. 1m speed bump needs 8 bolts. If reflectors are needed, 5 Yuan more should be paid for each meter of bump.

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