350 Rubber Speed Bump

Material: Recycled, Premium quality rubber
Color: Black and yellow
Grains: Herringbone, diamond, wave
Fixing method: Expansion screws (size: 12*45MM) or steel nails (size: 12*120MM) for fixing on concrete road and thread steel nails (size: 12*170MM) or common steel nails (size: 12*120MM) for asphalt road.

The rubber speed bump is excellent for traffic calming in residential and low traffic areas. The Yellow and Black sections provide you with a highly visible speed bump, making sure that traffic speed is reduced in the low speed areas.

Name Style Size N.W.(kg) Package
Rubber Speed Bump YD-SH-350 (wave line) 350* 1000* 40 mm 12kg /M 2m /bag
YD-SH-351(diamond) 350* 1000* 45 mm 12.5kg /M 2m /bag
YD-SH-352(herringbone) 350* 1000* 40 mm 11kg /M 2m /bag

Note: Rubber speed bumps of other specifications including 320*1000*50MM,380*1000*50MM,400*500*50MM, etc.

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