Convex Mirror

Convex Mirrors for Indoor and Outdoor Use Supplied in Unbreakable PC and Acrylic Lens

Convex Mirrors, referred to as safety mirrors are excellent, cost effective products designed to prevent theft and traffic accidents. Whatever your convex mirror needs - an indoor convex mirror for store theft protection and an outdoor convex mirror for traffic and driveway safety, as well as a full dome mirror for 360° viewing angle, we have the right products for you and offer the best quality and price.

    1. Inspection MirrorThis under vehicle search mirror is the latest technical achievement. It is designed with a silvery-white aluminum alloy pole that features light weight and high mechanical strength.
    1. Indoor Convex MirrorYuanda’s convex mirrors for indoor surveillance and observation use are manufactured to the highest standards with PC lenses that are lightweight, unbreakable and stronger than glass. Mirror back material is high strength ABS.
    1. Outdoor Convex MirrorWe at Yuanda supply a wide range of outdoor convex mirrors which are manufactured with top quality PC lens and ABS back. Install these outdoor safety mirrors at blind corners, tight bends, concealed entrances, exits and car parks to drastically improve road safety by optimizing field of vision.
    1. Full Dome MirrorThe full dome mirror is an ideal security mirror which provides a panoramic view of large, open area. It is the most effective surveillance method and deterrent to theft in retail environments because of its large 360° area of reflection.

Lens material: Brand new PC
Back material: Superior ABS
Colors: Orange, red, black (customizable)

Product Advantages
1. Raw Materials:
Remarkable cost effectiveness is attributed to low raw material price. Our raw materials feature 10 times lower price per ton than our competitors.

2. Thickness:
Our convex mirrors are1-2cm thicker than conventional products in the market.

3. Protective Film:
High grade, performance protective film offers perfect protection to the lens.

4. Weight:
The total weight of Yuanda safety mirror is about 50% higher than the traditional alternative.

5. Wind Resistance:
Our products comes with exceptional wind resistance, resisting over 3 times higher wind force than traditional mirrors in the market.

6. Durability:
Yuanda convex mirrors can serve for a ultra long time.