Delineator Post

Flexible, High Performance Traffic Channelizers in PU, EVA and PE Materials Options

Well known as one of the leading traffic safety solution providers, Yuanda is proud to supply a wide range of flexible and reflective delineator posts for your traffic channelizing needs. Our traffic delineators provide customizable and durable delineation and channelization for nearly any need, in order to direct traffic and reduce the chance of accidents.

    1. Delineator Delineators are plastic reflective panels that come with detachable rubber bases. They are commonly used to warn drivers of hazards in residential areas, urban crowds and road construction.
    1. PU Delineator PostMade of high quality polyurethane by means of one-step molding process, the delineator post delivers excellent toughness and flexibility, making sure it can still be quickly resilient after repeated rolls by car. With two or three reflective bands that have excellent reflection effect, the traffic post can perfectly alert drivers of a hazardous area.
    1. EVA Delineator PostThe EVA delineator post as a popular road marker is visibly striking yet not dazzling in the day. Reflective bands make it shining throughout the nighttime to alert the drivers and thereby reduce the chance of accidents.
    1. Flexible Delineator Post1. Delineator post and base are separable, ensuring strong flexibility.
      It can be used with all kinds of bars, chains and bands to create a barrier system.
      The reboundable delineator can normally work in rainy and snowy days.
    1. PE Delineator PostThe PE delineator post is meticulously engineered from premium quality PE and rubber through special process, ensuring excellent toughness, flexibility and impact strength. This means that the traffic marker can recover to the original shape after being rolled by car.

Specifications of Yuanda Delineator Posts
1. Resistance to rolls by car: up to 1000 times
2. Max. bearing weight: 20t
3. Post material hardness: R90
4. Weather resistance: >3 years
5. Sun proof rating: >7 grade
6. Reflective material: High intensity grade