Traffic Barrel

Traffic barrels, also referred to traffic drums are commonly placed at some sites on highway and city road where vehicles are likely to crash into the fixed facilities. Typical places include road corner, toll station, elevated road entrance and exit, parking lot, residential community, garden, gasoline station, etc.

    1. Traffic Barrel, Circular TypeThis circular traffic barrel is made of high resilience and strength modified plastic. It can effectively lower impact as crashed by vehicles, thus remarkably reducing vehicle damage and driver injury.
    1. Traffic Barrel, Combined TypeThe combined type traffic barrel is easy to deploy, with high impact and aging resistance and great durability.
      Easy to transport, store and set up with lower transport cost, the impact attenuator is superior to its old type alternatives.
    1. Traffic Barrel, Ship TypeMade of modified plastic with high strength and elasticity, the unique traffic barrel boasts extraordinary resistance to vehicle crash, combined with superior anti-aging performance.

Keep the facilities and people in these places safe and prevent vehicle damage by excellent impact protection with Yuanda traffic barrels. Our plastic traffic safety barrels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can stack easily.