Plastic Barrier

Main Features
1. The plastic barrier is completely made from PE material. It provides strong impact resistance to minimize the likelihood of injury or damage to vehicles.
2. According to different road conditions, we offer a diverse selection of vivid colors for road work that allows you to drive safely.
3. These safety barriers can be connected in series for greatly enhanced load-bearing capacity.
4. Light and easy to transport
5. The installation of these barriers doesn’t need cranes to handle concrete blocks, thus helping to save on labor costs.
6. High mobility for use on any road
7. Stackable and easy to install, without damaging the road
8. These safety barriers can be flexibly adjusted and adapted to the bend of any road.
9. The crowd control barrier can work with warning lamps.

Product Length Height Thickness Weight Material Color
Plastic Barrier 2000 MM 1000 MM 40 MM 20 KG PE Multiple optional colors, such as orange, yellow, blue, etc.
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