Water Filled Barrier

Water filled barriers, also known as plastic jersey barriers are much safer than traditional alternatives for pedestrians, motorists and construction workers who have to be around them. At Yuanda, we offer a variety of water filled barriers suitable for a wide range of applications. They are made of high strength, recyclable, environment-friendly plastics (LLDPE) that provide high flexibility and durability.

    1. Plastic BarrierThe plastic barrier is completely made from PE material. It provides strong impact resistance to minimize the likelihood of injury or damage to vehicles.
    1. Water Filled Barrier, Small TypeMade of top quality linear low density polyethylene through injection molding process, the water filled barrier comes with high strength and excellent flexibility. With high intensity reflective tape, it assures reliable night visibility.
    1. Water Filled Barrier, 1-HoleThis type of water filled barrier, with one hole through its body is injection molded from high quality LLDPE which provides exceptional strength and flexibility. Available in multiple colors, the water filled jersey barriers can be connected one by one to form a straight or arc shaped safety barrier system that is a safe approach to traffic control, construction and security.
    1. Water Filled Barrier, 2-HoleEasy to transport, store and set-up, the water filled barriers designed with 2 holes through its body are commonly used as highway barriers, as well as at construction sites and temporary work zones. They can be adjusted to suit any turn angle needs and can carry warning light pole to ensure maximum security.
    1. Water Filled Barrier, 3-HolePerfect choice for traffic control, traffic delineation, highway construction safety and highway area delineation, with striking appearance, brilliant color and remarkable reflective effect.

1. Unfilled water barriers boast excellent portability, ensuring ease of installation without any need for cranes and road construction.
2. They are easy to store away and can be stacked to save storage places.
3. All Yuanda plastic barriers are recyclable and pollution free, presenting higher environmental performance than GRP, iron fence, etc.
4. The road safety products can be placed individually or in a group to help suit your actual needs.

Water Filled Barrier Uses
Construction Areas, Work Zones, Temporary Jobsites, Lane or Median Road Closures, Temporary Road Blocks, Traffic Channelizing and Control, Special Events, Stadiums & Arenas, Parking Lots, Race Tracks, Pedestrian Protection as well as many other unique uses

1. Water filled barriers must be filled with water or sand.
2. Used in an area where vehicles are intensive, they have to be set up one by one to create a one piece long barrier system.
3. Prohibited is lying them down or placing upside down.
4. Do not put anything on the traffic barrier.