Water Filled Barrier, Small Type

Material: Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
Color options: Red, yellow, blue and white, available with white reflective tape
Appearance features: Low profile, with two holes at each side (Distance between holes: 9cm, hole diameter: 3.5cm, hole depth: 2.5cm)

Physical Properties
Tensile strength: 16.44MPa
Elongation at break: 264%
Impact strength: 20KJ/CM2
Made of top quality linear low density polyethylene through injection molding process, the water filled barrier comes with high strength and excellent flexibility. With high intensity reflective tape, it assures reliable night visibility.
Filling water or sand into the plastic barricade helps reduce the impact force in a crash. After construction, discharge the water or sand and then you can carry the safety barrier flexibly.

Name Picture Model Color Size(MM) MOQ( pcs ) Weight(KG) Measurement
Old type little barrier
YD-X2 Red
other colors can be customized
60 0 ×600×150×430mm About
3.7KG 0.09CBM
New type little barrier  
YD-X1 Red
other colors can be customized
560×560×150×430mm About 350pcs/20GP 2.7KG 0.075CBM
Product Details

Placed on road, the water filled barrier is eye-catching while providing warning function.

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