Traffic Signs

At Yuanda, we specialize in manufacturing all types of traffic signs to customers’ specifications, including portable construction signs, road signs, reflective traffic signs, etc. They mostly serve as warning signs on roads as well as in residential garages, construction zones and industrial areas etc. As bespoke products, they are prohibited to be sold again.

Traffic Sign Specifications
Sign materials: Aluminum sheet, aluminum-plastic panel, galvanized plate, etc. (customized to customer’s requirements)
Reflective materials: 3M diamond grade, 3M ultrahigh intensity grade, domestic high intensity grade and other grade reflective tapes
Shapes: Round, square, triangle
Aluminum sheet thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm

Parking Lot Signs Manufacturing Process
1. Cutting
2. Substrate film pasting
3. Lettering
4. Characters pasting
5. Testing
6. Installing

Fixing Method
Yuanda’s traffic signs can be fitted with an aluminum sliding groove at their back sides or fixed on a bracket made to customers’ needs. Brackets are made of steel angles, square tubes, galvanized tubes, etc. Size of beam clamps depends on the diameter of customer’s steel pipes. Prior to customization, tell us the pipe diameter or fax technical drawing to us in advance.

1. Our traffic signs are made to customer’s specifications in accordance with national standards and maintenance standards.
2. Substrate is top quality aluminum plate, providing reliable strength.
3. Engineering grade reflective film assures extremely high visibility at night or in low light conditions.

Bespoke Traffic Signs that We Have Made for Customers
1. Construction Signs
Aluminum sheet size: 1200× 400× 1.0mm
Bracket size: 1m height × 1m width

2. Reflective Traffic Signs
Specifications available: Round sign: Φ600mm, Φ800mm, Φ1000mm; Rectangular sign: 500*400mm, 1200*600mm, 4000X2000mm; Triangular sign length: 700mm, 900mm, 1100mm
Substrate material: Aluminum sheet
Sliding groove: Customizable

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