Solar Traffic Control Products

Yuanda manufactures and supplies a wide range of solar traffic control products to provide high traffic safety with outstanding cost efficiency. Choose from our quality and low price solar LED strobe lights, solar traffic signal lights, solar arrow boards, LED traffic batons and solar barricade lights for your specific needs.

    1. Solar Arrow BoardYuanda solar arrow boards provide long-lasting, efficient warning and directional information on intersections, hazardous areas, traffic accident scenes and construction zones to alert pedestrians and drivers to raise awareness.
    1. LED Traffic BatonThis bright, lightweight and long-lasting solar LED traffic baton also known as traffic wand is suitable for traffic control, construction zones, or anywhere you require a high-visibility hand-held LED traffic control products.
    1. Solar Barricade LightAs one of the leaders in traffic safety solutions, Yuanda supplies a wide range of products for your traffic safety needs. Introduced are our solar barricade light designed to install on road barricades and cones to offer pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists high visibility warning lights for the maximum safety.