Solar Traffic Signal Light

To achieve an efficient traffic safety control with our solar traffic signal lights including solar warning beacon and portable traffic light.

1. Solar Warning Beacon

Solar panel: 18V/10W
Storage battery: 12V/7AH
LED: 175 LEDs for flashing of yellow light; 295 LEDs for flashing of yellow light and a “Slow” character
Color: Red or yellow
Working time: On a full charge, the solar traffic beacon will flash continuously for 7-12 cloudy or rainy days. Flashing the whole day or only at night is available
Weight: 12.5kg
Packaging size: 460*500*360MM

2. Solar Portable Traffic Light

Shown here are our solar powered portable traffic lights designed to deal with emergency backup and other specific needs.

The traffic light manufactured to GB14887-2003 standards feature exquisite appearance, high luminance LEDs, low heat, environmental protection and long service life.

LED lifespan: ≥100000 hours
Temperature resistance: -40℃~+85℃
Working temperature: DC12V
Visual angle: ≥30º
Visual range: ≥400m
Hydrothermal property: Relative air humidity 5%~95% (No condensation)
Insulation resistance: >10MΩ
Shock resistance: up to GB14887-2003 standard
Anti-wind rating: >117km/h
Housing IP rating: IP53

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