Anti-Glare Screen System

Antiglare screen system is one of an essential traffic safety products designed to prevent the dazzle produced by the car lights that come from the opposite direction. It is mostly installed on the guardrails of expressway median strips.


1. By Materials
Plastic, GRP and Steel anti-glare screen system

2. By Appearance
Straight panel, reverse S shape, leaf shape, herringbone shape, etc.

Find Quality and Cost Efficient Road Anti-Glare Solutions with Yunda’s GRP and Plastic Anti-Glare Screen Systems

1. GRP Anti-Glare Screen System
The antiglare screen made from glass fiber reinforced plastics by means of die stamping or blow molding has gradually replaced others.

2. Hollow Plastic Anti-Glare Screen System
Material: Plastic
Size: 900mm*220 mm
Function: Effectively protect the car driver extensively against glare by light sources coming from opposite traffic or from adjacent industrial facilities.
Features: Made of top quality plastic, ensuring excellent resistance to aging, no fading, light weight and easy transport

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