Guardrail Delineator

Yuanda offers a wide variety of guardrail delineators to provide durable and effective delineation of concrete guardrails, cable guardrails and steel w-beam guardrails. Fixed firmly on steel w-beam guardrails of highways, our guardrail reflectors provide excellent nighttime visibility with uniform and non-dazzling reflection, thus raising driver awareness and alerting them to potential hazards.

The road side products stand out especially at road bends, or on mountainous roads. They can significantly reduce the chance of accidents and enhance traffic safety.

1. Rectangular Plastic Guardrail Delineator

Material: Plastic + Acrylic Reflectors
Applications: Used on guardrails and sidewall of tunnels

Type YD-RD-11 YD-RD-12 YD-RD-13
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Size 180*40mm 180*40mm 180*54mm
Reflective material Acrylic Reflector Acrylic Reflector Glass beads
2. Trapezoid Delineator

Material: Aluminum bracket + 3mm Acrylic Reflectors + 3mm White Pad
Applications: Used on guardrails and sidewalls to raise driver awareness and ensure effective traffic delineation.

Type YD-RD-21 YD-RD-22 YD-RD-23
Size 50*70*120mm 50*70*120mm 50*70*120mm
Reflective Single side Double side Double side
3. Sheet and Column Type Guardrail Delineator

Material: PVC Body + Acrylic Reflectors

Type YD-RD-30 YD-RD-31 YD-RD-32 YD-RD-33
Size 100*1100mm 100*1100mm 125*125*1250mm 125*125*1250mm
4. Corrugated Delineation Sheeting

The guardrail delineator is manufactured from aluminum sheet with 3M reflective film. It is used for delineation of guardrails and sidewalls.

Type YD-RD-1
Material Galvanized aluminum
Size 800*200mm
Color Red, yellow, white
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