Traffic Cone

Start with Yuanda for traffic cones. Take your pick of road cones from 30cm(12")–100cm(39") and find color options to help suit your needs. Various materials available in PVC, EVA, PE and Rubber give you flexibility in selection. Trust Yuanda for your traffic safety cones and supplies.

    1. PVC Traffic ConeYuanda PVC traffic cones come in wide height options from 30cm (12") to 90cm (35"). The road safety cones feature extraordinary toughness and can withstand impact from vehicles. Brilliant reflective film provides maximum nighttime visibility.
    1. EVA Traffic ConeAvailable in a range of heights from 50cm(20") to 100cm(39"), the reflective traffic cones are made of flexible, UV stabilized EVA plastic. They are commonly placed on highway for lanes separation and draw drivers’ awareness to avoid risks.
    1. PE Traffic ConeThe PE traffic cones from Yuanda consist of a PE cone and a rubber base. The range of height is wide, from 75cm (29″) to 100cm (39″). Trust Yuanda for your desired traffic safety products.
    1. Rubber Traffic ConeThe traffic cones shown are completely made of rubber, providing outstanding resistance to impact, water, oil and dust. They can rebound quickly as a car rolls over them. Brilliant reflective collar enables the rubber road cone to easily catch drivers’ eyes in nighttime.
    1. Collapsible Traffic ConeTraditional traffic cones are too large and inconvenient to store for most people to carry them. That’s why collapsible traffic cones are developed. The collapsible safety cones from Yuanda boast all the advantages of traditional cones, combined with the advantages of light weight and compact storage.
    1. Expandable BarrierExpandable Barriers, Traffic Control Barricades, Safety Barriers, Traffic Barricades, Expandable Barricades, Plastic Barricades, etc. are viable names you can type to find the traffic safety products that Yunda supplies online.
    1. Road Bollard / BarrierMade of high strength, eco-friendly plastics, our road bollards or barriers are characterized by notable robustness and durability and great resistance to heat, cold, impact and aging. Hollow design allows the road safety barrier the filled with sand, concrete, etc.
    1. Cone Bars and Cone ChainColor options: Red and white; Black and yellow
      Material: PVC
      Feature: Retractable
      Functions: The traffic cone accessories are used to link two traffic cones to form a barrier

1. With Excellent Toughness, Yuanda traffic cones can resist being rolled under car wheels and will not be damaged as hit by hard objects.
2. Portable and durable construction with excellent resistance to aging and impact.
3. Exceptional performance in resisting sun exposure, heat and cold and other bad weather conditions, ensuring no cracking and discoloring.
4. Eye-catching red-and-white color with high grade reflective film can easily draw drivers’ attention at night.

We at Yuanda as a prominent traffic safety solutions provider, carry a full line of traffic cones for use on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner, as well as for creating separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents.