Retractable Cone Bars and Cone Chain

1. Traffic Cone Bars
Color options: Red and white; Black and yellow
Material: PVC
Feature: Retractable
Functions: The traffic cone accessories are used to link two traffic cones to form a barrier

2. Cone Chains
Color options: Red, white, green, black, red and white, yellow and black (customizable as request)
Chain link size: 3cm (Length)× 2cm (Width)
Package specs.: 25m/pack (length can be customized)
Features: Ease to use, environmental friendly
Function: Used with road cones to create a road barrier system

Applications of the Road Barrier System linked using our cone chains
1. Alert drivers of lane changes, work zones, emergency, accidents or hazardous situations;
2. As a safety barrier for power overhaul, highway management, environment protection projects;
3. Create a temporary barrier zone where worker are loading or unloading cargos;
4. Form a temporary walkway in hotels, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.

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