Collapsible Traffic Cone

Materials: Base-ABS or PP;
Cone-Waterproof oxford fabric
Package: 20pcs/ctn

Traditional traffic cones are too large and inconvenient to store for most people to carry them. That’s why collapsible traffic cones are developed. The collapsible safety cones from Yuanda boast all the advantages of traditional cones, combined with the advantages of light weight and compact storage.

They feature durable base that is sufficiently weighted to prevent the cone being displaced by wind generated by car passing by. A battery powered LED light illuminate the emergency cone from the inside at night, thus ensuring high night visibility.

Collapsible Traffic Cone
1. Perfect for emergency responders;
2. As emergency traffic cone kit carried in cars;
3. Traffic redirection, warning of dangers.

Pictures Name Model Base size Max. height Package specs G.W/N.W KGS Volume
Collapsible Traffic Cone s A70 30.5×30.5×5cm 70CM 10pcs/car 10.5/12.5 60×32.5×33CM
A65 30.5×30.5×5cm 65CM 10pcs/car 10.1/12.1 60×32.5×33CM
A60 30.5×30.5×5cm 60CM 10pcs/car 9.7/11.7 60×32.5×33CM
A55 30.5×30.5×5cm 55CM 10pcs/car 9.3/11.3 60×32.5×33CM
A50 24.4×24.4×3.75cm 50CM 10pcs/car 11.4/13.4 52×26.5×44.5CM
A45 24.4×24.4×3.75cm 45CM 10pcs/car 10.6/12.6 52×26.5×44.5CM
A40 24.4×24.4×3.75cm 40CM 10pcs/car 10.0/12.0 52×26.5×44.5CM
B70 30.6×30.6×3.8cm 70CM 10pcs/car 7.2/9.2 45×32.5×32.5CM
B65 30.6×30.6×3.8cm 65CM 10pcs/car 7.0/9.0 45×32.5×32.5CM
B60 30.6×30.6×3.8cm 60CM 10pcs/car 6.8/8.8 45×32.5×32.5CM
B55 30.6×30.6×3.8cm 55CM 10pcs/car 6.4/8.4 45×32.5×32.5CM
B50 24.5×24.5×3.6cm 50CM 10pcs/car 10.0/12.0 52×26.5×44.5CM
B45 24.5×24.5×3.6cm 45CM 10pcs/car 9.3/11.3 52×26.5×44.5CM
B40 24.5×24.5×3.6cm 40CM 10pcs/car 8.6/10.6 52×26.5×44.5CM
B35 19×19×4.5CM 35CM 40pcs/car 10.5/12.5 52×40×40CM
B30 19×19×4.5CM 30CM 40pcs/car 9.7/11.7 52×40×40CM
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