Road Blocker

The road blocker offers the ultimate in perimeter protection – reliable security where unauthorized vehicles need to be stopped. It comes with a manual emergency lowering system for use in the event of a power failure.

Technical Parameter of the Road Blocker
Item Technical Parameter
Lifting Angle ≤45°
Lifting Height above Ground 400mm/600mm
Material Thickness 5mm
Surface Treatment High carbon steel, electro-galvanizing
Material A3 steel
Depth below Ground 900mm
Mounting Dimension 4500mm×1500mm×900mm
Operating Noise < 60db
Control System Electrically-powered hydraulic control system
Drive Device Bidirectional integrated hydraulic drive
Min. Load Bearing Capacity More than 80 tons of cargo truck
Power Supply 380V
Control Voltage 24V
System Power (w) 0.4KW/0.75KW
Rising Time ≤3S
Lowering Time ≤3S
Operating Temperature -35℃~75℃
Storage Conditions -10℃~65℃, Highly resistant to rain, moisture and dust
Anti-ram Class M30~M50 (reinforced)
Box Material A3 steel, high carbon steel, electro-galvanizing
Color Multiple colors
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