Rubber Corner Guard

Prevent Costly Damage to Vehicles and Walls in Your Parking Facilities with Our Rubber Corner Guards
Yuanda’s rubber corner guards are manufactured from synthetic rubber and yellow reflective tapes, featured by excellent resistance to corrosion, impact, aging as well as perfect adhesion and ideal fit for putty. They enable a significant improvement of wall corner impact strength and keep the corner undamaged for a long time.

    1. 800MM Rubber Corner Guard The rubber corner guard is available in 5 specifications, mostly in 800mm lengths. They are all made from premium quality synthetic rubbers. With high-intensity reflective tapes, the rubber corner protectors provide necessary guidance to drivers and increase visibility, especially at night.
    1. 1M Rubber Corner Guard Moderate hardness enables the corner guard to effectively prevent damage to vehicles and surrounding infrastructure in parking facilities.
    1. 1.2M Rubber Corner Guard The rubber corner guard in 1.2m length is made of high impact virgin rubber that stands up to bumps and scrapes by vehicles in garages and parking lots. High-intensity yellow reflective tapes assure high visibility at night and in low-light conditions. Protect vehicles and wall corners in your parking facilities with the parking safety products.
    1. 1.5M Rubber Corner Guard Prevent costly damage to vehicles and walls in garages and parking lots with our rubber corner guards in 1.5m length. They are an ideal choice for the wall protection system in your parking facilities.

The wall corner protectors employ high intensity reflective tapes which greatly increase visibility, especially at night, and provide the necessary guidance to drivers when parking in tight spots.

Fixed on the wall corner using adhesives or bolts, our reflective rubber corner guards ensure ease of installation and maintenance.